Although Safaris pose the most popular and sought after experience in Africa, there are a variety of unique and equally spectacular experiences offered by our beautiful land that are sure not to be missed. We have uniquely tailored each experience to satisfy a very particular niche that oftentimes allows for some of the most distinctive and memorable moments for you to take back.

Beach Holiday

White sandy beaches. Crystal clear blue waters. Warm African sun. Need we say more?

Exclusive Golf Tour

Our Exclusive Golf tour is every avid golfer’s dream vacation. Our tour takes you to 4 world class golf courses across Kenya, all of which are highly accredited and even PGA certified.

Photography Tours

Africa is a photographer’s haven. Some of the most fascinating landscapes, wildlife, flora and fauna are found here.

Mountain Adventure Tours

For the adventurer in you. Our Mountain adventure tours are professionally guided hikes up some of Africa’s most famous mountains.

The Great Lakes Tours

East Africa hosts some of the world’s most unique lakes, from the bright pink hues of lake Magadi occurring due to a natural mineral phenomenon to the vast quantity of flamingos that inhabit lake Nakuru.

Deep Sea Fishing Holidays

The warm waters of the Indian Ocean provide an exceptionally favourable ground for marine life and therefore provides a spectacular experience.

WRC Safari Rally Experience

Famed for being the toughest and most brutal rally on the WRC calendar, the safari rally has truly lived up to its name.